West Highland White Terriers? Look Here If You Know Anything About Them Please.?

So i’m thinking about getting a west highland white terrier. While looking through pictures it seems like there’s a slight difference between some of the pictures I’ve found. One looks a bit larger and more like a run around play dog. The other looks like an inside dog who stays inside. Here are the links to the pictures. http://static.desktopnexus.com/wallpaper…
^ run around play doghttp://www.gopetsamerica.com/west-highla…
^ stay inside pampered dog
I was just wondering if there’s a slight difference in the breeding, grooming, or just looks. Thanks in advance and if I confused anyone..please let me know 🙂

5 thoughts on “West Highland White Terriers? Look Here If You Know Anything About Them Please.?”

  1. The first picture looks like a young dog, the second like an adult dog, and yes, much of a dog’s looks will also depend on the grooming.

  2. a westie is a westie. there aren’t differences in the breeding, other than the usual backyard breeders vs real breeders.
    westies are a terrier so they are very bossy. make sure you are ready to have a dog that is constantly battling you for dominance. they are also noisy dogs. if you are serious about getting a westie, do your research. talk to your vet, local groomers, different breeders.
    DO NOT get a puppy from a pet store. they come from puppy mills and buying one is just contributing to the abuse at the mills.

  3. Westie’s can be anything you want them to be. They are devoted companions and are highly intuned to you. I have had one for 9 years and he is the joy of my life. I highly recommend a Westie to anyone, especially if you are alone. Just make sure you buy one from a reputable breeder….not a pet store.

  4. Like a lot of small dogs with long hair there is a difference in the grooming styles and the size can vary to a small degree.

  5. Pictures can sometimes be deceiving. I wouldn’t base your decision on just the pictures. Make sure you do the research before you make a final decision. All the Westies I’ve known have been high energy little dogs that are more than happy to play both inside and out. The thing with going outside is that their coats are white and attract dirt easily, so frequent baths are recommended. Because of their coat type it is easy to get tangles so brushing is need frequently unless you clip it. Other than that, they’re fun little pets and can be a good companion. However, if you have small children, be careful. Westies can sometimes be impatient and it leads to aggression if it’s not checked quickly. Good luck on your decision.

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