Should We Get A Puppy?

Hello, About a month ago we sadly had our dog put to sleep. We are now ready to get another one. Unfortunately we cant decide if we should get a puppy or an older dog and have been a logger heads ever since. Myself and my partner both work 9-5.30 everyday but I always come home at lunchtime for an hour. This suited our previous dog and she was quite used to being left during this time and was never noisy or distructive. We are going to vist some puppy tomorrow, but my partner is not keen as he thinks it will be left alone too long. We have been offered another dog thats 3 years old and he thinks this would be a better idea.
We cant agree what to do!! Our last dog came to us when she was 9 years old and I would love to experience owning a dog for its entire life – not just part of it. Id like to be able to name it ourselves and have all the joy of training it and building a relationsship with it from birth. We both have lots of time off over Christmas so would be able to settle it in and gradually leave it alone for longer periods so it gets used to it when we go back to work. The other option available to us is a 3yr old dog thats used to having people around all day, it belongs to my partners mum and she said she would happily let us have it….. They are both Westie’s…..What should we do???

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  1. I would take the 3 yr old. And I would get a puppy. They would keep each other company and you can have the best of both worlds. You can always crate train the puppy which will keep it out of trouble in your absence. Good luck…

  2. Personally I would go for and older dog, 1 yr and up.
    Many dogs are sitting on death row and will die before Christmas, take a look in your local pound/shelter and see if you can save a life.
    We just adopted a wonderful 8month old from Grayson Humane Society in KY.
    Neutered/ wormed, vaccinated, and test clear for $85.
    See his pics on my blog, the link is below.

  3. Sounds like you really want to get a puppy, but you just want others to agree. I wouldn’t ask that question here. Theres a lot of whining about getting an adult dog from a rescue or shelter.. in which you don’t know what the dog has been through, and shouldnt go there if you don’t know how to train a dog with a bad past. So no matter what they say, its not a good idea for everyone.
    I think you should get a puppy and have some fun!

  4. get the 3 yr old dog better for you and him everybody gets puppys so it will probably be harder for the older dog to get a nice home or any home for that matter

  5. A puppy can be quite time consuming.. You will need to keep your eye on it all the time to make sure she’s not chewing or pottying or getting into the things etc.. it would probably make it harder on the puppy and yourself because of your schedule.. The other dog sounds like a better option because it will already be trained, however, with the big environment change it may not know how to react.. it may resort to behaviors that are not liked. Ultimately it is your choice, but it would be good to weigh the pros and cons.. The crate would be good for the puppy while youre at work, just make sure you can provide lots of play excercise socialization training love etc, as you would with any dog. Also make sure you allow enough time before work for eating, pottying (doing a number 2 usually happens 20 to 30 minutes after eating) and some interaction.. best of luck.

  6. I work from 9am to 5pm, Monday-Friday and close to a year ago I got a 2 month old puppy (great dane mix). I crate trained him from the start and drove home every day a lunch to let him out, pet him and walk him. Then I’d give him a big walk as soon as I got home. Also a small walk in the morning before I left. He did great w/ this. He went pee in his crate the very first day but that was the only time. At a year now, he is well adjusted, very friendly, well socialized and happy. I do make a strong effort to spend a lot of time with him on the weekends and while I’m not at work.

  7. if you never had a puppy, consider doing some research on dog training and potty training before getting one. They are fun but a handful and I would take a few days off from work to get the puppy used to the house and you family. They also can’t hold their bathroom habits as long as a 9 year old dog. So if your previous dog is an indoor dog, this one will not be able to hold til lunch (average of 2-3 hours when a pup is younger) and also look up puppy proofing your house, they teeth and chew everything in sight if they are not trained.
    I really love watching my dog grow up but I did have lots of sleepless night for the first few weeks. (it’s like a new born)

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