Shihtzu Or Westie? I Know All Dogs Are Different?

Which breed is generally easier to train & friendlier? A west highland white terrier or a shihtzu? I know all dogs are different but which breed is known to be easier to train & friendlier? Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Shihtzu Or Westie? I Know All Dogs Are Different?”

  1. Right now I own a Cairn Terrier (which is very closely related to the Westie)and a Shih tzu. The Cairns require less grooming and from personal experience are smarter dogs, but seems to be a bit stubborn while training. He also is territorial and has definite likes and dislikes where people are concerned and even though he has been around children his whole life (he is 6), I don’t trust him around kids entirely.
    My Shih Tzu on the other hand loves every body right away, even kids, but is dumb as a box of rocks (or maybe he just acts that way). We can’t train him to do anything, and he barks incessantly when he is outside. He requires a lot of grooming as well. If I had to choose an easier to train breed, I would choose the westie, as for being friendly, the shih tzu.

  2. If I were you, I would go to a local humane society, animal shelter, or rescue and talk to the people that work there about what you want in a dog.They’ll be the best help for finding the dog that is perfect for you. It all really depends on the personality and temperament of the dog, who will be friendlier, easier to train, etc. Talk to the people at the shelter and they’ll be able to find you the dog that fits what you’re looking for.
    Good luck!

  3. I prefer Westies. They seem to be more easy going and trainable than shihtzus. This is my opinion, though, I don’t own either.

  4. I have friends who own shih-tzus, and an aunt who used to breed them, and I have to say that they are equally friendly. Both breeds are very sweet, and just ADORE people.
    In regards to trainability, the westies are a bit more high strung than the shihtzus, but thats just a part of their terrier nature.
    If you don’t mind a bit more effort being put into training him not to bark, then a westie is pretty much the same as a shihtzu. The westie coat is VERY coarse though. It isn’t anything like the fluffy little shih tzu.

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