Question About Training A White West Highland Terrier, Approx 4 Months Old, & Weighs Approx 5-8 Pounds.?

Before I put her in her crate for the night, or if I will be out for a few hours, I always take her outside to do her business, & for the most part she is OK in the crate & will not have any accidents.
However, sometimes she does, & I know this is normal since she is a puppy & all – but my question is this – Sometimes I see her eating her Accidents! How do I make her stop!
I do leave water in her crate, a small amount but just enough to either last through the night or while I am away. I do not leave any food in her cage, I do feed her every morning & put out a little more than 1/2 cup of food with her water. I do spoil her with treats throughout the day, like when I take her out to reward her for going outside & such, but every once in a while I see when she has had an accident in her cage, & I have come home to catch her eating it!
Is this bad for her? How do I stop this

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  1. She is expressing unhappiness with being in the crate. She will probably outgrow it but try to put her in the crate as short of time as possible. Puppies need to go out frequently, evey couple hours. One other thing, If you scold her for going potty in her cage she may react by eating it so she doesn’t make you yell at her.

  2. this is not uncommon at all…
    its called copraphagy
    take a look at the source listed below, and check with your vet.

  3. That dog is nowhere near old enough to be kept in a crate all night long. Expect to wake up about twice during the night to take the dog out to relieve itself. There is no need to leave water in the crate at night, allowing her to drink some water at night when you take her out is fine, and helps to set up an elimination pattern.
    You should be setting up the feeding so she is fed twice daily, about 12 hours apart. This will also help set an elimination pattern, and may help with the consumption of excrement.
    If the stool eating continues there are products on the market that you can sprinkle on the food tho make the stools less desirable to eat. First, make sure you are feeding a premium grade food, while more expensive it is cheaper in the long run, especially for a pup. Many times eating of feces can be traced back to a lack of vitamins & minerals, other times it is just something an individual dog does.

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