Am I Housebreaking My Puppy Correctly?

We just got an 8 week old purebred Westie last Thursday. We have a Pet Taxi and we leave him in there when he is not in the house. But I was told he cant stay in there more than 5-6 hrs. I let him out and he poops and pees in the house, peed in the bed a few days ago. He whimpers LOUD and barks if we leave him in there over night and wakes my baby and us all up. How should I really be training him? We have an appt. at Petsmart for classes, but this isn’t until the 24th.

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  1. When you take him out of his crate take him outside immediately and wait for him to pee and poop. Be patient it may take awhile. Praise him when he pees or poops outside. If you have to leave him unattended in the house confine him to a small easily cleaned area like the bathroom. It’s hard but if he barks or whines in the crate ignore him. Don’t let him out until he quiets down otherwise he will never become crate trained. I am concerned about your petsmart puppy class as I usually tell my clients not allow their puppies to be around other pups until they are 16 weeks old and have had at least 3-4 sets of puppy vaccines. We have seen puppies vaccinated twice that still get parvo. Some people recommend puppy training pads, but to me that just teaches a dog that it’s OK to go in the house. Be patient and consistent with him. It can be difficult but this is the ideal time to train him and if you don’t do it now it will be much harder later on. Good luck.

  2. A pet taxi may be to small. It is a good idea to keep the pup somewhere isolated. Like a blocked off area. I think that the pup will bark you have to train him. Just like a baby. Unless you want him to sleep with you.

  3. At least two hours before bedtime pick up all food and water. Just before bedtime take puppy out, wait for him to eliminate, then praise quietly and put to bed in his crate.
    First thing in the AM when puppy wakes up, outside, wait for it, praise! Then start your day. Keep puppy in the same room with you at all times, when you see “potty” behavior, sniffing, circling, sqwatting, scoop puppy up, outside, wait for it, praise! Say something like “get busy” or “go potty”, when praising, say “good get busy/ go potty”!
    If you can’t watch puppy, in the crate with a few chewie toys, the minute puppy comes out of the crate, outside, wait for it, PRAISE!
    If puppy has an accident, don’t say anything, just quietly clean it up and watch him closer next time. The key to this is consistancy, EVERY TIME puppy goes outside, lots of praise. Set him up to succeed and he will.
    Eventually you will be able to take him, say the “magic” words and he will go for you. If eliminating outside ALWAYS gets praised he will start to let you know when he wants to go out. You will have to learn his signs, some dogs will sit and look at the door, some will whine and scratch, some will bark and run from you to the door.

  4. you already made a mistake in your 4th sentence. once you let him out, you IMMEDIATELY take him outside so he can relieve himself. and you didnt crate train him properly.
    try to crate train him again. use treats to lure him into the kennel. once he’s in. gently close the door behind him, and stay in his sight. never hit the kennel if he whines and wont be quiet. there are 2 courses you can take right now. you can either ignore him until he quiets down, wait for him to remain quiet for a few minutes, then give him treats and praise (still leave him in the kennel). the other choice is to tell him “quiet” if he starts whining or scratching at the door. if he does, wait a few seconds of his silence, and quickly give him a treat you already had ready in your pocket and praise once more. keep doing this, extending the time he stays quiet before you give him a treat. be consistent. let him out after about 10 or so successful repetitions of him being quiet, take him outside and wait outside for half an hour if you have to until he pees. sometimes if he doesnt have to go immediately, it takes him to get active a little bit before he has to go.
    keep the pet taxi in your bedroom in an area a few feet from the bed so he can see that you’re only on the bed, not far at all. that way if he does start to whine, you’re able to tell him “quiet” instead of him being all the way somewhere else. i did this with one of my dogs. she hated being in the kennel when she couldnt see anyone, that and my stupid brothers would smack the kennel to scare her, so she didnt like being in the kennel when they were around.
    it’s good that you’re trying to kennel train her though, most just skip it or give up.

  5. Do you mean you keep him outside in the crate?
    Or do you mean you just keep him in the crate, inside, when he is not running around loose in the house?
    If the crate is outside, I’d recommend bringing in the house. He’s a bit young to be outside yet, and still needs the comfort of knowing you guys are somewhat nearby.
    Whenever you let him out of the crate, take him immediately outside-don’t even wait for a second. Pick him up, or get him by the collar, and out the door right away! When he goes to the bathroom outside, let him know what a good boy he is-praise him as if he has just won you a million dollars!
    Let him out about 10 minutes after eating food or drinking water, and let him out right after he gets done playing or being excited. Puppies have very small bodies, therefore very small organs, and don’t have the capacity to hold it very long, so frequent trips outside are a must. Make sure you give tons of praise when he does his business outside.
    Don’t punish him for messing in the house unless you catch him in the MIDDLE of doing it-don’t even punish him if he is walking away from a mess, because even at that point it is too late, he has moved on. It must be IN the act. When you do catch him, a firm “NO!” followed by “Outside! Let’s go outside!” and a quick rush out the door. When he finishes outside, again, give him lots of praise for doing the right thing.
    When he is loose inside the house, just keep a very close eye on him. Put up baby gates to keep him in the same room that you are in, and close doors to rooms you don’t want him getting into. If you can’t watch him, then crate him. You can also bring his crate into the room he is loose in, and leave the door open for him to go in and out of-it can help getting him adjusted to the crate and learn that the crate is a good, safe little place he can go in and chill out.
    The more consistent and on top of it you are, the quicker he will get the hang of it. Also, the clearer you are that it is a GREAT thing to go to the bathroom outside, and not in the house, the easier for him it will be to understand what you want him to do.
    When you put him in the crate, how is he?
    If he is quiet for a while, but then begins to whine/bark, it could be a sign that he needs to go out. But, if he is whining and barking from the beginning, then it is best to ignore it. Once he has calmed down you can let him out.
    Make sure also, to let him out right before he goes in the crate. Take him on a walk before bed-this will not only help him get doing his business, but will also help get him a little tired so he sleeps solidly through the night. Really try to get him tired before bedtime.
    Hope I helped.
    Congrats on the new puppy! Enjoy the puppyhood while you can =]

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