Do You Have A Whiny Dog Who Sings The Blues When He Is Lonely?

We have a beagle/basset mix who has always been a super happy go lucky fellow, enjoys life, is very well behaved, prefers to live outside in an indoor outdoor pen, and generally is pretty quiet unless someone comes around. Since we got back from vacation though, he has been HOWLING the blues several hours a day. The doggie day care/kennel he stayed at had lots of other dogs, and he seems like he is lonely and misses them. If we are out in the yard with him, he is his funny, silly old self. He sounds so sad when we aren’t though. From basic dog training, we know not to coddle him when he is misbehaving, but when he isn’t crying, I go out and spend time with him every day. At least an hour, sometimes longer. Should we get him a playmate? We have a house dog and they don’t get along at all. The westie is a total brat and always pushing him around. Broo (the beagle) was at one time a playmate to another of our older dogs who passed away, so could it just be lonliness?

Can West Highland White Terrier Still Jump On Our Lap And Lick Us When He Still Grows Older? Like Maltese?

coz i heard that this dog is big.. xD so thx!

How Do I Teach My Dog To Give Better Signals When She Has 2go Out?she Sits By The Door 4a Bit& Then Goes In?

please 10month old westie puppy wont give proper signals when she needs to go for wees.unless i watch her constantly she will do her business inside.when she needs to go she will circle the back door once or twice to let me know and unless im in the room to let her out she will pee in front of the do i teach her to bark or jump the door to get my attention if for example im in the kitchen.she does the same with poo but only every couple of weeks or so.she is a lovely dog but she is not fully house trained although she is old enough for it.i cant watch her 24/7 so can anyone help?

Our “westie” Bites His Right Paw When Excited.?

more precisely when a visitor comes to the house he will chew at his right dew claw and run around the house on three legs chewing it. We have had him since August 2007, a 2 yrs 7 month rescue dog. In all other ways he has an excellent temperament. He is house trained and goes to bed in a crate quite happily and we thought, settled and secure with my wife and I. We wonder if he feels insecure. He is very well cared for and walked three times a day and very much part of the family. We are considering consulting a dog behaviour expert for advice.

How Can I Prevent My Dog From Peeing When He Gets Excited???

well i have finally potty trained my westie…. well, almost. lately he has been peeing when he gets excited. when people he doesnt know approach him, or when i come home from work. and he learned how to sit on command. and he knows that he gets a treat if he sits, so now he pees everytime i say sit, beacuse hes excited about the treat… i took him to the vet and its not a medical thing. help me! what can i do. he knows better, and i know he doesnt do it on purpose, so i cant scold him…

!8 Mnth Mnth Westie Ive Had 3wks Takes Off When Gate Is Open & Ignores My Call To C’mere,same When I Ask Him

Snowie has had little training as his 1st owner was elderley,will he ever adhere to my calls to come here,he’s a good dog otherwise &very affectionate to us & our wee yorkie.When iv’e taken them for a walk & unleash them in the garden Snowie looks me straight in the eye & turns to run as though he’s thinking “I’ll decide when I come in”.HELP,cos I want to keep him.

My One Year Old Puppy Piddles When Excited Anyone Have This Problem?

My one year old female westie who is spayed piddles(pees) on the floor when anyone new comes in the door. She is otherwise housebroken and very smart. I have tried letting her outside before company comes but she gets so excited she seems like she cannot help it. I can tell she feels bad but just cannot hold it…I let her outside very frequently.Is this behavior? Is ther anything else I can do? More training? Does it go away?

Does Anyone Have Any Ideas On How To Stop A 7-year-old Westie From Yapping When He Is Excited, Hungry, Happy,?

He was adopted 2 years ago, so it’s hard to know what training he had as a puppy.

My Dog West Highland White Terrier Has Blood Coming Out When She Poops?

when she poops she has blood coming out and drops all around it, please help?

How Do I Stop My Westie Pup From Peeing On My Leg When I Stand To Talk To Any1?

he is beautiful. 9 months old. house trained but for some reason cocks his leg on me if i stand and chat to any1 outside whilst i’m out on a walk with him!