What Is The Best Shampoo For West Highland White Terriers?

I know the can have skin problems

At What Age Does A West Highland White Terriers Ears Prop Up?

My pup is about six months old, and his ears haven’t propped up yet…does that mean they never will? I’ve read that they usually begin to prop up at about the fourth month, so that worries me because hes actually seven months old now that I think of it. I would greatly appreciate it if someone who has a slight inclination to answer please do so, or if you know a lot about dogs… Thank You.

What Do You Feed Your Dog?

Hi Everyone! I was just wandering what brand of dog food you feed your dog or dogs and what your daily routine with your dog or dogs are!
here is mine!
I feed my German Shepherd’s Wellness Super5Mix large breed Adult formula 4 1/2 cups morning and night. I feed my westie Wellness super5mix small breed adult formula 1-2 cups morning and night.
1. At 5:00am I wake up and let the dogs out for 30 min.
2. I let the dogs back inside and i feed them.
3. at like 5:30am or 6:00am I take all 3 of the dogs on a run for close to an hour
4. we come home and I finnish getting ready for school
5. I go to school and there is always somebody at my house 24/hr a day so they play with the dogs
6. I come home from school play with the dogs and we go on a walk
7. Dogs eat dinner at 5:00 pm
8. My GSD’S Compete and train in Schutzhund ( Personal Protection, tracking, obedience,) we do this 5x a week. Training is 5x a week but we compete whenever we can my GSD’S are Gaurd dogs and they are really good at it!

What Dog Breed Is The Right Choice?

my mum said it has to be small , good with kids , quite fluffy and cute . She would realy like a bichon frise , but after some research we realised they are way out of our budget and we would not be able to keep up with the care of the coat.
i was thinking maybe a westie , yorkie or king charles .
i was wondering how much training these breeds need , what is the average price and which one would suit our lifestyle and requirements.
we can give half hour to exersize , someone is home for most of the day apart from when my mum goes shopping and picks up me and my bro from school . I am a responcible teenager and we have a bouncy but freindly two year old, and a fast learning and gentle six year old .
I have asked my mum to consider a pup for my b.day in april and she sed maybe . we have a spaciouse house and garden with a dog park near by .
we just want to make the right choice of dog , so that we can fulfill its life as well as we can.
any suggestions and info is greatly apprieciated

What Can I Do About My Dog Being So Stupid?

No offense, but I am completely fed up with my 3 month old Westie male. We do everything we can to get the thing housebroken, have invested in expensive training lessons, and he does nothing but poop or pee inside or in the cage! I am fixing to sell him and get a smarter dog. There is another westie in my training class the same age, already housebroken. A weimaraner the same age also already housebroken. He is obstinate, never listens. Are westies just bad dogs?

At What Age Are West Highland White Terriers Done Growing?

i have a four month old westie puppy, he is growing so fast! we are wondering at what age will he be down GROWING? i know they fill out later and gain more muscle mass, but i am just asking about length and height. As of now he weights about 8 pounds he has larger ears than most westies and a longer tounge haha.. he is a purebreed westie tho, do u think having larger ears indicates that he will be a bigger westie at maturatety?

What Can I Do To Stop My Westie From Going On The Floor At Night?

He is house trained and has been for over a year. My 11yr old insists on having him in the bed with her but doesn’t respond when he wakes her to take him out. Instead of waking me he either goes on her floor or in my little one’s room. Normally if I’m awakened by the jingle of his tags its too late. I’ve found that when I simply tell him “no pee-ing on the floor” in a stern tone he won’t do it. He reverts right back to it if I don’t “speak” to him about it nightly.
I don’t know if I’m fortunate or unfortunate that he is really smart. Is there anything I can do besides crate him at night?

Im 14 And Going Walk My Moms Friend’s Dog The Dog Is A West Highland White Terrier What Should I Charge ????

somone told me 167 dolares a month 2 times a day is that too much ????

What Is The Weight Of A 9 Week Old West Highland White Terrier Puppy!? Grown They Are An Avg Of 17 Pounds?

Mine was roughly 3 lbs when I picked him up. In the first year he will probably only get up to roughly 13 lbs. They start filling out after the first year (after they are done growing).

What Is A Good Big Dog For A First Time Owner?

i want to get a dog and have never owned one before. i want a big dog that is easy to train, house train and that kind of stuff. i was thinking of getting a westie but they are pretty small. thanks!