Question About Training A White West Highland Terrier, Approx 4 Months Old, & Weighs Approx 5-8 Pounds.?

Before I put her in her crate for the night, or if I will be out for a few hours, I always take her outside to do her business, & for the most part she is OK in the crate & will not have any accidents.
However, sometimes she does, & I know this is normal since she is a puppy & all – but my question is this – Sometimes I see her eating her Accidents! How do I make her stop!
I do leave water in her crate, a small amount but just enough to either last through the night or while I am away. I do not leave any food in her cage, I do feed her every morning & put out a little more than 1/2 cup of food with her water. I do spoil her with treats throughout the day, like when I take her out to reward her for going outside & such, but every once in a while I see when she has had an accident in her cage, & I have come home to catch her eating it!
Is this bad for her? How do I stop this

Puppy Training?

I have a 14-week-old Westie puppy. During the past week or so everytime I bring her outside she runs from me; I think she’s being playful.
She’ll run a certain distance from me, and then lay down, then I’ll go to pick her up and she just keeps running from me. People have told me to flip her on her back when she acts up to get her to obey but I can’t catch her to do that. I can run faster than her, but shes so small it’s hard to catch her.
Just now she had to go out (it’s 3am, she usually needs to go out at this time everynight) and even though she was half asleep I just spend 15 minutes (no less) chasing her around the yard and I’m ready to kick the livin crap out of her.
I’ve considered putting her on a leash everytime I bring her outside and I guess that would be the obvious solution, but I feel like it would take to long to leash her everytime she has to go out since shes a puppy, she can’t hold very long. and she always bites the leash so it’s pointless.
any ideas?

Pup Training Problems?

Okay I have a wichon(Westie/bichon mix).She is a designer breed.And we take her out and a she go’s pee and then we go back in the house and she poops!Its not like she doesn’t go poop outside becaue she does,but she doesn’t let me know some way the she has to go poop!!!!!!!!!

Training A Dog?

Hi I have 14month old Westie little girl called Charm? She is very loving and caring, the only probably is her weeing and pooing. Sometime she can whines at the back door and goes and has the toitlet but then she won’t lets us know and does it in side too. We do give her treat when she does it outside and also praise her too.
Any help would be helpfully

I Need Help Potty Training My Dogs?

when my dad got his westie poo lightning, he diddnt pay much attention to him, so he potties in the house, when we take him outside he will only pee, he wont poop, no matter how long i have him out there for, he wont poop outside, but once we come inside, he goes on the carpet 🙁 i also just recently got a new puppy to be a companion to my westie poo and we are trying to house train him, but its so hard since lightning wont go outside, my puppy thinks he doesnt have to either, and i dont want to put them on a food schedule, but i dont know what else to do… does anyone know how i can teach them to potty outside without a food schedule or kenneling??? btw lightning is almost 2 years old, and my puppy is about 13 weeks old we also have tried the housetraining pads, and they worked for a little while but now they wont use them anymore

Puppy Training Advice.?

I have a 6 month old westie and she’s great in every way but one, she’s house trained, crate trained, Sits, doesn’t snatch. Plays nicely with the cat. She’s not agressive but she barks and growls at strangers in the street. She socialises with my friends labradors and comes regularly into contact with other dogs. I try to ignore the behaviour so as not to reinforce but I don’t want to seen to be not be doing anything to prevent it.
People are reluctant to approach a noisy/growly dog or let their dogs near. Sugestions welcome.

House Training?

I have two Westie puppies (about 7 months) who are doing very well in their house training. Currently they are placed in a play pen during the day when we are at work, free when we get home, and crated for bed (eventually we’d like them to be free 100%). The problem is when we are at home and they are free. When they need to go, they walk to the back door (which is where we go out to go potty), which is great! Except that if we don’t see them right away they end up peeing in the house. They don’t bark or come get us or anything. I’d be happy to let them out when they ask but we don’t always know they are at the back door. We tried jingle bells, but they scared them. What can I do to get them to verbalize their need?

Training Stubborn Puppy?

I have a 8 month old westie, and i got him when he was 6 months old. So far, he’s semi-potty trained, meaning he slips and pees once in a while. He understands sit. But I want to train him so he barks less and that’s he’s a super obedient dog, except I dont really know where to start. He’s really hyper, but sometimes I want him to “calm down” on command. Is that possible? And he loves to hold my wrist in his mouth, why is that? Also, I’ll be moving out into and apt in a year, and I am bringing him with me, but I want him to learn not to bark at every noise, is there a way to do that?

Good Names And Training Tips For A West Highland White Terrier ??


Training Westies?

We have a 12 week old Westie puppy who we have now had for a few weeks. Most of the training is going well apart from teaching her to stay alone. We both work full time but have taken a few weeks off to be with her and try and get used to staying alone – but this is not working. We were advised that Westie are very independent and would be ok to be left alone. We leave her in the kitchen when we go out but she does nothing but bark. She is fine left downstairs if we go upstairs (but she knows that we are still in the house). Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.