I Am Looking For A Pet Store Or Breeder In Central Tn That Sells West Highland White Terriers. Ideas?

Looking to purchase or adopt a puppy but I’m not quite sure where to look.

I Need Any Info On Westies That Could Help Me Take Care Of My Puppy Better?

I am getting a westie puppy and i want any information that could help me train her and make sure she is happy if you have any info please help me

Does Anyone No A Site Or Pet Shop That I Can Buy A West Highland White Terrier?

willing to pay for shipping. i live in long island new york

I Am Not Sure If I Should Take That Dog. What Would You Do?

I just found out that the woman who is offering me a 9-month old JRT x Collie has been back yard breeding. Her 4-year-old Westie had already 25 pups. She says that she is neutering and spaying her dogs now (she currently has 10), but I am not too sure, as one of the dogs seems to be pregnant again.
I had one of her dogs for a day to see how it gets on with my dog, and it is lovely, apart from not being trained at all.
On one hand I am worried about this dog, on the other hand I don’t want to make space for her to have more pups.
My motto is: Don’t breed or buy whilst homeless die. So in this case, I am not too sure. She is giving several dog away for free now, but I still don’t feel very sure.

We Have A 2 Year Old West Highland White Terrier That Bites His Right Paw, Mainly When He Is Excited. – Help?

My westie does this too. Apparently its normal, especially when the weather is damp/wet. It was described to me as getting out of the bath and not drying in between your toes which would cause irritation. The advice given to us was to keep his hair short, his nails trimmed and check his paws regularly for irritation.


I Have A 10 Week Old Westie That Doesn’t Crate Train Well.?

My westie puppy is proving to be hard to potty train. I have tried the crate but she will use the bathroom in the crate and it is not big enough for her to use one end and sleep in the other.She would have been a mess if I hadn’t been watching. She had just been outside the 3 times it has happened and came in and used her crate.I have her in a small penned in area in my kitchen now with puppy pads when I am not home. I take her out first thing in the morning around 5 am, as soon as I get home and approx every hour after untill around 10 at night. She will occasionaly pee outside, but has only deficated once. I praise her and offer puppy treats, the very few times it has happened but… I don’t think it happens often enough for her to make the connection. She will try to hold it while we are outside only to come in and go. Help!!!! I am hoping time will make a difference but I am very frustrated. I want to be able to allow her free reign of the house but that looks to be a long way off. The problem is probably me – I am not used to a dog in the house, but she is a joy in every other way.

People That Have A Westie (west Highland White Terrier), What Were Your Experiences With Them?

We are thinking about getting a Westie to go along with our Yorkie. I have heard they are similar in energy and quirks and we have had a blast with our Yorkie.