Should We Get A Puppy?

Hello, About a month ago we sadly had our dog put to sleep. We are now ready to get another one. Unfortunately we cant decide if we should get a puppy or an older dog and have been a logger heads ever since. Myself and my partner both work 9-5.30 everyday but I always come home at lunchtime for an hour. This suited our previous dog and she was quite used to being left during this time and was never noisy or distructive. We are going to vist some puppy tomorrow, but my partner is not keen as he thinks it will be left alone too long. We have been offered another dog thats 3 years old and he thinks this would be a better idea.
We cant agree what to do!! Our last dog came to us when she was 9 years old and I would love to experience owning a dog for its entire life – not just part of it. Id like to be able to name it ourselves and have all the joy of training it and building a relationsship with it from birth. We both have lots of time off over Christmas so would be able to settle it in and gradually leave it alone for longer periods so it gets used to it when we go back to work. The other option available to us is a 3yr old dog thats used to having people around all day, it belongs to my partners mum and she said she would happily let us have it….. They are both Westie’s…..What should we do???

How Should I Go About Finding A Breeder Of West Highland White Terriers, In Scotland?

Either through word of mouth – ask owners of the breed where they got their dog from and if they were happy everything and feel free to ask questions that you feel are important – are the puppies homereared etc? The most reliable place to get a list of reliable breeders would probably be through the Kennel Club

Should I Get Rid Of My Dog?

My 5 year old wirehaired dachshund has kept me up at night with his incessant barking, for the absolute last time. He escapes out of the back yard (cant chain him up, he breaks the sprinkler heads) and runs wild all over the neighborhood with his leash still attached. He barked all night and still all morning. He has begun pooping large, loose piles on my carpet. We got a puppy a few months ago (a westie) and they get along ok, but he started this. I cannot stand him any longer and he was my pride and joy… but I cannot afford to get him training and I’m sure they can’t train him for the barking. I have a bark collar, but if I cant catch him to put it on it does me no good.

Which Breed Should I Get?

Im getting a puppy in two-three months[finally] and im thinking which breed i should get.
-shih tzu
which one wont bark too much[only bark at strangers]?
which one is easy to train[crate,obedience training]?
which one is good with other dogs[if taught right]?
which one isnt too fiesty and energetic?
and Which brand of dog food should i get?
-solid gold*
* means i have the most chance of getting it

Should I Be Concerned About My West Highland White Terrier’s Behavior Towards My Sister?

He is 7 months old. He has no problems with me, my mom or my dad. I would say that mom and dad do the bulk of taking care of him. I do my fair share. He is extremely loving with me and my mom and dad but with my sister, he growls at her quite often and “snapped” at her today for trying to move him over from the couch where she was.
He is a male. My sister is 17 so it is not like she is a child either. She plays with him every so often but I don’t think she has ever taken him out on walks and stuff. I get the feeling that he either does not respect her as much or does not trust her.
Regardless, I do not want him snapping or growling like that at anyone. I am particularily concerned if strangers or little kids come to my house. How can I make sure that this does not happen with my sister again?

Out Of These Dogs, Which One Do You Think I Should Get ??

-West Highland Terrier {Westie}
-Cocker Spaniel
I just moved in my house a few months ago, and I live alone. So I want a good watchdog. But I want one that is small, gets along with people, dosen’t shed much, and if possible easy to potty train. All of these dogs are at my local animal shelter, I would like to get them all, but that’s not possible for me. So out of these dogs which one do you think suits me best.

Which One Of These Shampoo’s Should I Get For My Dog (he’s A West Highland White Terrier)?

Okay, I was recommended three different brands of shampoo, and I just want to know which one of these three are the best. If you don’t know them, you can visit the website and tell me what you think.
– Bio-Groom
– Top Paw
– Tropiclean

Should I Get A Creat To Train A Puppy?

I have been told both yes ad no. I’m not going to be home every single min of everyday so do you think I need a crate to put it in so it won’t chew and pee on everything. If you say no/yes please tell me why. Also if i get a westie do you think I would need to take it out more than a larger dog, because of its size? Thanks so much

Im 14 And Going Walk My Moms Friend’s Dog The Dog Is A West Highland White Terrier What Should I Charge ????

somone told me 167 dolares a month 2 times a day is that too much ????

New Puppy Should I Leave It In It’s Crate While I’m At Work?

I work on weekends. I am getting a Westie puppy and plan to crate train it. Should I leave it in the crate while I’m at work?