Question About Training A White West Highland Terrier, Approx 4 Months Old, & Weighs Approx 5-8 Pounds.?

Before I put her in her crate for the night, or if I will be out for a few hours, I always take her outside to do her business, & for the most part she is OK in the crate & will not have any accidents.
However, sometimes she does, & I know this is normal since she is a puppy & all – but my question is this – Sometimes I see her eating her Accidents! How do I make her stop!
I do leave water in her crate, a small amount but just enough to either last through the night or while I am away. I do not leave any food in her cage, I do feed her every morning & put out a little more than 1/2 cup of food with her water. I do spoil her with treats throughout the day, like when I take her out to reward her for going outside & such, but every once in a while I see when she has had an accident in her cage, & I have come home to catch her eating it!
Is this bad for her? How do I stop this

Question About My West Highland White Terrier?

I have a westie, and his name is Kota. He is three years old, and 25 pounds. I was wondering if this weight was normal? There is also another problem with him. He pees around the house. He is perfectly potty-trained, and we always let him out before we leave for long periods of time, like when my mom goes to work and my sister and I go to school. Lastly, if he drinks too much water too fast, he’ll cough and almost sound like he’s choking. Is he just getting too excited and swallowing it down the wrong pipe?
Other than these issues, Kota is a very good dog. He loves his family, especially me, and is extremely playful He loves to play in the snow in the winter and the fresh cut grass in the summer, and has no allergies. I’m just a bit worried about him, is all. If you could answer my three questions, I would feel MUCH better.

West Highland White Terrier Question?

I have found that they are sensitive dogs with food. I was wondering if those with experience could help me in finding the right dog food for her. She just turned a year old and the two dog foods we have given her are:
Science Diet (she got red bumps)
Wellness (gassy)
I just wanted to figure out what was best for her so she can be healthy. Thank You!!

Question On My West Highland Terrier (westie)?

1. I need to know about how long it takes for a West Highland Terrier’s hair to grow completely out.
2. What is the best way to go about house-training a puppy? Define.

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Question About My Old West Highland White Terrier Gaining Weight…?

My westie, who is about 12 or 13 years old now, seems to have an endless appetite. Do I indulge an old dog, or lookout for his weight given his arthritis?

Crate Training And Litter Box Question.?

I have a Westie who is being crate trained. I live in a high-rise so I would like to also get him used to using a litter box. Is it alright to have the litter box inside the crate? The rest of the crate would be covered by his bed area.