Should We Get A Puppy?

Hello, About a month ago we sadly had our dog put to sleep. We are now ready to get another one. Unfortunately we cant decide if we should get a puppy or an older dog and have been a logger heads ever since. Myself and my partner both work 9-5.30 everyday but I always come home at lunchtime for an hour. This suited our previous dog and she was quite used to being left during this time and was never noisy or distructive. We are going to vist some puppy tomorrow, but my partner is not keen as he thinks it will be left alone too long. We have been offered another dog thats 3 years old and he thinks this would be a better idea.
We cant agree what to do!! Our last dog came to us when she was 9 years old and I would love to experience owning a dog for its entire life – not just part of it. Id like to be able to name it ourselves and have all the joy of training it and building a relationsship with it from birth. We both have lots of time off over Christmas so would be able to settle it in and gradually leave it alone for longer periods so it gets used to it when we go back to work. The other option available to us is a 3yr old dog thats used to having people around all day, it belongs to my partners mum and she said she would happily let us have it….. They are both Westie’s…..What should we do???

Am I Housebreaking My Puppy Correctly?

We just got an 8 week old purebred Westie last Thursday. We have a Pet Taxi and we leave him in there when he is not in the house. But I was told he cant stay in there more than 5-6 hrs. I let him out and he poops and pees in the house, peed in the bed a few days ago. He whimpers LOUD and barks if we leave him in there over night and wakes my baby and us all up. How should I really be training him? We have an appt. at Petsmart for classes, but this isn’t until the 24th.

How To Get Rid Of Puppy Poo Smells?

I have a less than 4 month old Westie puppy, and we’ve been continuing his housetraining since we got him at 9 weeks. He cant go out til next week when his vaccination course is over, but we just cant get rid of the 6 weeks accumulated smells of mostly poo.
We have pet odour/stain remover from the pet shop (we have no stains, just smells) and we use febreeze on the furniture etc and regularly hoover.
So, how can I get rid of these smells?
If someone suggests to shampoo my carpets, can you pls suggest what do I do/use and how do I do it etc and products that are available in the UK only please.
Just so you know:
Yes, I clean regularly.
No, the puppy himself doesnt really smell (again, cant bathe him until next week but we use cleansing puppy wipes to keep on top of it)
No, I dont want to get rid of carpets for wooden floors/lino.
Yes, I plan to retrain him to go outside, but we still need to shift the smell in the house.
Yes, we pick up dirty puppy pads/paper as soon as he goes.
We are continuing housetraining him because he still has accidents (as he had a stomach illness from 10-12 weeks old so his previous paper training was kinda forgotten by week 13 – this is also the reason why his injection course was so late so no lectures on should have got him done before 12 weeks please).
Thanks in advance 🙂
10 points for the most effective, reliable, detailed answer 🙂

Puppy Weeing Constantly Indoors!!!?

Hi, any help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
We have a 6 month old Westie puppy, we live in a flat so getting her outside quickly was a problem when toilet training her. We use puppy pads and have gradually managed to get her from various parts of the flat to the hallway to wee on these pads. She is very good now and will go to wee on them and she has no problem weeing outside when she poos however she doesn’t associate the two together… She will hold her poo every time until she is walked and if she cant she will whine at the door to tell us! I cant understand why she doesn’t do the same for wees.
We know she can hold both as she is left in the day when we work and she is kept in the kitchen (as we have a kitten too and they are too young to be left alone together) and when we come home she hasn’t done anything and we take her out straight away and she does both!
When we are home in the evening with her she wont tell us she needs to go out for one nor will she just hold it she just wees constantly very little ones about every 30mins!! Is there anyway we can cure this?
We have tried taking the pads away and she just wees on the carpet, we use praise and treats so much when she is outside. Im worried she should be fully outside at her age? We also need it sorting soon as the kitten being a typical cat tries to clean up after the puppy when she wees… she will go to the pad and start actioning as if she is moving litter around but of course this just rips up the pad and sometimes ends up with a wee smelling kitten!
Sorry for the long post, I wanted to explain all I could.

Can You Please Help Me Potty Train My New Puppy?

I have a yorkie/westie mix. She’s a really smart dog, but even when I’m outside with her for hours at a time, she still comes right inside and pees on the carpet.
I’m crate training her, so when I put her in the crate, even if we’ve come inside from being outside a long long time, she’ll pee and poop in the crate.
I’m not leaving her in the crate too long. She doesn’t even give me time to shut the door before she’s peeing in there, and then she makes a point of it to get herself completely soaked in her own urine.
I tried to ask this question before (last night) but most of the answers treated me like I was a complete idiot and left my brand new 11 week old puppy in a cage for 4 hours without giving her the chance to go to the bathroom.
– When she sniffs around, I take her out.
– When she wakes up from a nap, I take her out.
– When she’s finished eating/drinking, we go out for 20 – 30 minutes.
– When she gets up at 4:30 in the morning, usually 3 hours before me, I take her out.
She doesn’t have a “pee place” besides outside. Outside is the only place I need her to pee.
Please, can someone help me given this information?
Last time, the answers were not very helpful, and I’m just needing a hand with this.

Can Anyone Help Me Potty Train My New Puppy?

I have an adorable new yorkie/westie mix puppy. She is 10 or 11 weeks old, and I’m working on potty training her.
I live in a 4 bedroom apartment with 3 other girls. I’m 20 years old, and am a full-time student, even in the summer. I’m working on crate training with her, and I spend alot of time with her – but she seems to ONLY pee in the crate lately. I take her outside to play around and use the bathroom for sometimes 2 hours at a time, and she’ll come right home and pee on the carpet, or wait until I put her back in the crate and pee/poop there.
I cannot afford to have my roommates hate me for having a dog that stinks up the house – I’m trying to do everything right, but for some reason, I just can’t get her to catch the hang of this house breaking thing.
Someone, PLEASE! Help me.
Thanks so much for your time.

I Am Overwhelmed With My New Puppy And Regretting My Decision.?

I have wanted a dog my entire life( I am in my 40’s)
For many reasons I was never able to. Not allowed as a child, then I lived in places that didn’t allow dogs. I had two cats that passed away a few months ago. One was 15 died of cancer the other 11 died of complications from diabetes.
I was finally in a position where I could get a dog. I thought this was what I wanted. I purchased a Westie last week. He is sweet and training well.
I’m however overwhelmed with the responsibility and am regretting my decision. I’m worried about the costs of raising him(which I thought I’d thought through) Both my my cats required years of twice daily medication. There were thousands of dollars in vet bills at the end.
I’m embarrassed to talk to friends about this, but find myself wondering daily if the breeder would take him back.
I should mention I live alone and am caring for this puppy on my own and have hired a dog walker.
Help.. Please..

Will My Puppy Still Remember And Respond To Me If I Have My Parents Train It During The Work Week?

My husband and I have a 3.5 month old Westie puppy who is almost fully crate trained and housebroken. We have a busy few months at work coming up, and are concerned that we can’t spend enough time with her to work on training during this developmental time. Is it a good idea to have my parents look after and train her during the work week until she is fully trained? They both are home most of the day and have more time. Will our puppy still remember and respond to us?

Can My Puppy Be Trained???

I have a 9 week old Westie and she has been trying our patience….she is biting everything in sight (including us!), she hasn’t gotten the potty training down, and now she all of a sudden has discovered her voice and barks at everything. She stays in a puppy proofed room that has her bed, food, and an area for potty, but as soon as we get home, we let her out to the living room, where we supervise her. I think this is what’s confusing her because when she’s in the room she pottys just fine, it’s just when we let her in the living room that she doesn’t know where to go. We haven’t taught her to go outside because she’s still to young and we’re not there during the day. Also, we’re not sure if she can go outside yet and walk around since she’s not fully vaccintated. We love her but we are new to this and need help!!

8 Week West Highland White Terrier Puppy Problems!?

Just got an 8 week male westie puppy yesterday!
he is doing great except for a few concerns which i am not sure if its normal.
1) his private area is CONSTANTLY wet.
2) green runny poop (but he did eat some grass)
3) veryyy tired
4) not eatting but drinking!
would you be concerned?!