Am I Housebreaking My Puppy Correctly?

We just got an 8 week old purebred Westie last Thursday. We have a Pet Taxi and we leave him in there when he is not in the house. But I was told he cant stay in there more than 5-6 hrs. I let him out and he poops and pees in the house, peed in the bed a few days ago. He whimpers LOUD and barks if we leave him in there over night and wakes my baby and us all up. How should I really be training him? We have an appt. at Petsmart for classes, but this isn’t until the 24th.

I Haven’t Been Able To Start Housebreaking My 12-week-old Westie Becse She Is On Antibiotics. Is It Too Late?

My puppy has been on antibiotics becse of a cough. I don’t want to take her out because of our cold climate. How difficult will it be for me to train her to go out after she has been paper-trained?