West Highland White Terriers? Look Here If You Know Anything About Them Please.?

So i’m thinking about getting a west highland white terrier. While looking through pictures it seems like there’s a slight difference between some of the pictures I’ve found. One looks a bit larger and more like a run around play dog. The other looks like an inside dog who stays inside. Here are the links to the pictures. http://static.desktopnexus.com/wallpaper…
^ run around play doghttp://www.gopetsamerica.com/west-highla…
^ stay inside pampered dog
I was just wondering if there’s a slight difference in the breeding, grooming, or just looks. Thanks in advance and if I confused anyone..please let me know 🙂

Earthdog? Any Competitors Here?

I’m very interested competing in the Earthdog trials that I’ve read about since I was so-high (!). However, it seems it may not be as popular or widespread over here (UK) as it is in the USA and other countries. I was wondering if there any UK competitors on here that can guide me to a club or such that doesnt only exist in Scotland or Up North? I’m based in London, although I dont mind travelling, I can’t do 6 hours commuting every Tuesday just for a one hour training session!
If you do compete, regardless of country, how did you get started and what dogs do you use?
I have a Westie who has really taken to Agility and Obedience but since he was a few months old, he has shown fantastic “hunting” (for want of another word!) instincts.

It’s Coming Into Winter Here And My Sisters Westie Puppies Are Getting Colder..?

she uses 2nd hand cot quilts and bunny rugs for their bed. she also has a heat pad but it makes them pee in their sleep..
she puts a training pad up the other end of their bed for them to poo and wee on during the night, lately they are wetting the whole of their bed and my sister is gettin them out every 2 hours to pee on their training pad on the floor. my sister is washing puppy rugs and sheets every day and shes wondering if they are wetting the bed because they are so cold at night? and whats the best way to keep the puppies warm during the night? and why wont the puppies sleep in their bed even if the sheets are clean? they prefer the carpet in the corner if the lounge, and they howl constantly when their in their bed…but are quiet when on the floor. is she teaching them if they howl they recieve attention and it means they can climb out their bed and get on the floor whenever they howl? or are they trying to get their own way by howling excessivley?
and they are biting heaps