Do You Have A Whiny Dog Who Sings The Blues When He Is Lonely?

We have a beagle/basset mix who has always been a super happy go lucky fellow, enjoys life, is very well behaved, prefers to live outside in an indoor outdoor pen, and generally is pretty quiet unless someone comes around. Since we got back from vacation though, he has been HOWLING the blues several hours a day. The doggie day care/kennel he stayed at had lots of other dogs, and he seems like he is lonely and misses them. If we are out in the yard with him, he is his funny, silly old self. He sounds so sad when we aren’t though. From basic dog training, we know not to coddle him when he is misbehaving, but when he isn’t crying, I go out and spend time with him every day. At least an hour, sometimes longer. Should we get him a playmate? We have a house dog and they don’t get along at all. The westie is a total brat and always pushing him around. Broo (the beagle) was at one time a playmate to another of our older dogs who passed away, so could it just be lonliness?

We Have A New Adopted Dog (apprx 1 Yr Old)that We Cant Get To Pee Outside.we Dont Want To Crate Train. Help!?

We recently adopted a sweet shepard mix female from the pound. We were told she was 3 years old but it turns out she is only a one year old that has not been housetrained. She listens well and is so sweet. but she will rarely pee outside. We do not want to crate train her and we take her outside to where our other two dogs pee and she just sniffs and runs and jumps. She only pees about twice a day. All our family members are tired of walking her with no success. Our other two dogs (a Westie and a Cairn Terrier) were so easy to train. We love her dearly but need HELP!!!!!t

Will My Puppy Still Remember And Respond To Me If I Have My Parents Train It During The Work Week?

My husband and I have a 3.5 month old Westie puppy who is almost fully crate trained and housebroken. We have a busy few months at work coming up, and are concerned that we can’t spend enough time with her to work on training during this developmental time. Is it a good idea to have my parents look after and train her during the work week until she is fully trained? They both are home most of the day and have more time. Will our puppy still remember and respond to us?

Do Purebreed West Highland White Terriers Ever Have Variations Of White In The Color Of Their Coat?

Almost every 1 I see is white with a light cream stripe down the back. Even a couple of mixes I see w/ this strip but according to this I guess its supposed to be all white though.…

Does Any Body Else In This World Have A West Highland White Terrier???

I had the most wonderful Westy for about ten years until he died of a heart attack. It broke my heart at the same time. He was a wonderful pet, pal and companion so much so that I could not bring myself to get another. However, whenever I hear the name or see one I am very happy with the memory. My pal Harry………….

Does Anyone Have A Kerry Blue Or West Highland White Terrier For Sale?

would like a female puppy within kentucky or within 100 miles of kentucky state lines.

We Currently Have A West Highland White Terrier, Aged 5 Years And Fully Grown..?

and we’re thinking of getting another dog, which ones would you suggest? we wouldn’t like one bigger than him as he would feel inferior, and we wouldn’t want that. 😛
we realise that it is a struggle to care for one dog, let alone another, but we are fully prepared, all i’d like is some suggestions.
thanks! 😀

My One Year Old Puppy Piddles When Excited Anyone Have This Problem?

My one year old female westie who is spayed piddles(pees) on the floor when anyone new comes in the door. She is otherwise housebroken and very smart. I have tried letting her outside before company comes but she gets so excited she seems like she cannot help it. I can tell she feels bad but just cannot hold it…I let her outside very frequently.Is this behavior? Is ther anything else I can do? More training? Does it go away?

Does Anybody Have A West Highland White Terrier For Sale In Hebron Kentucky?

awwwww…i wish i could say i knew, but great choice for a dog! ive had my westie for 5 years and she is so smart and fun, and very cute. (even at 5 years old) shes funny she must think that my dad watches too much tv, she (witness account from my mom) takes the remote off the coffee table, drops it on the floor and pushes it under the couch, and dad gets mad because he cant find the remote. You will enjoy your westie, they are awesome smart little dogs, and they are fast learners, and very loyal.

I Have A 6 Month Old West Highland Terrier (westie) Who Is Peeing In Her Crate. Any Suggestions? Help Please

She was potty training well and then all of sudden this starting occuring!!