Shihtzu Or Westie? I Know All Dogs Are Different?

Which breed is generally easier to train & friendlier? A west highland white terrier or a shihtzu? I know all dogs are different but which breed is known to be easier to train & friendlier? Thanks!

Out Of These Dogs, Which One Do You Think I Should Get ??

-West Highland Terrier {Westie}
-Cocker Spaniel
I just moved in my house a few months ago, and I live alone. So I want a good watchdog. But I want one that is small, gets along with people, dosen’t shed much, and if possible easy to potty train. All of these dogs are at my local animal shelter, I would like to get them all, but thatโ€™s not possible for me. So out of these dogs which one do you think suits me best.

Are The West Highland White Terriers Good Dogs??

I think they are the cutest little doggies! but i am not quite ssure if they are nice dogs or mean.. or if they are easy to train?? so if someone culd give me some info on them that would be fantastic!!! thank you so much!

Can You Travel On A Plane With Two Small Dogs A Pomeranian And A West Highland White Terrier?

All airline have their own strict rules, and you should do a seach on the airline website or call them.

I Need Help Potty Training My Dogs?

when my dad got his westie poo lightning, he diddnt pay much attention to him, so he potties in the house, when we take him outside he will only pee, he wont poop, no matter how long i have him out there for, he wont poop outside, but once we come inside, he goes on the carpet ๐Ÿ™ i also just recently got a new puppy to be a companion to my westie poo and we are trying to house train him, but its so hard since lightning wont go outside, my puppy thinks he doesnt have to either, and i dont want to put them on a food schedule, but i dont know what else to do… does anyone know how i can teach them to potty outside without a food schedule or kenneling??? btw lightning is almost 2 years old, and my puppy is about 13 weeks old we also have tried the housetraining pads, and they worked for a little while but now they wont use them anymore

How Much Do Peop;e Charge To Walk Dogs In Usa And How Much I Charge For A West Highland White Terrier?

and please exchange to Colombian pesos is 167 DOL alto to charge for 1 month I live Colombia so please do exchange

Can I Have Help Training My Dogs?

i have two dogs, and black lad that’s 9 years old and a westie mixthat’ss 4 years old. me and my family havegivenn them too many table scraps and theydon’tt eat their food any more. so i can i get them to stop bagging for human food and get them back to eating their own dog food? and is it too late for me to stop them bagging?

Are West Highland White Terriers Good Dogs?

I am getting another dog and I have decided on a west highland white terrier. Are they good family dogs and are they good jogging compainions? Also are they easy to train. Provide more details as possible. Thanks to all who answer!

Which Dogs Are Easier To Train And Take Care Of For A Novice Owner~ A Westie Or A Lhasa Apso?


What Do You Think Of West Highland White Terrier Dogs?

hi, i have a westie. i luv em. wat yu think?