I Am Looking For A Pet Store Or Breeder In Central Tn That Sells West Highland White Terriers. Ideas?

Looking to purchase or adopt a puppy but I’m not quite sure where to look.

How Should I Go About Finding A Breeder Of West Highland White Terriers, In Scotland?

Either through word of mouth – ask owners of the breed where they got their dog from and if they were happy everything and feel free to ask questions that you feel are important – are the puppies homereared etc? The most reliable place to get a list of reliable breeders would probably be through the Kennel Club

Where Can I Find A West Highland White Terrier Breeder (not Petstore…breeder) In The Northeast Pa Area?

No pet stores.ONLY BREEDERS. Also, we are looking for a West Highland White Terrier puppy from 6-8 weeks old or younger. We live in Pocono Mountain so please don’t give an answer such as “pitsburg”.