What Is The Best Shampoo For West Highland White Terriers?

I know the can have skin problems

Which Breed Of Dog Would Be Best?

Im looking to get a new dog but im not sure on which breed so am looking for some advice. im looking for a dog that is;
1) toy or small (under 10kg).
2) good temperment important.
3) for showing and mabe agility.
4) prefure longer coat and that needs grooming.
5)smart and good to train.
i allready own a pom, long coat chihuahua, lhasa apso(in fullcoat) and a westie. so none of these breeds please.

Which Breed Of Dog Is Best For Me?

i’m looking for a small-sized dog – like a westie or a king charles spaniel, perhaps. i need the dog to be of calm, quiet temperament (so not a jack russel) – i don’t want it to be tearing the place apart if it’s left alone for more than a minute. responsive to training, gentle and loving – anyone know what type fits the bill – and if possible where the best place to buy a dog like this might be? i’ve looked at a lot of rescue sites but the dogs all seem to have emotional issues that it would be unfair of me to attempt to address.

What’s The Best Way To Stop My Puppy From Crying At Night?

He sleeps in my room and has puppy training pads in there too, he wakes me up when he does the toilet which is fine but sometimes he wakes me up for now reason. Do i comfort him or ignore him or tell him No? He’s 8 weeks old, a westie cross bichon. Thank you

Best Name For A West Highland White Terrier?

im soon picking up my puppy, but i dont have a name for her yet. possible choices (pick the best one): Roxy, Angel, Bella, Princess, Ava, or Duchess.
this isn’t a picture of the exact dog im getting, but if it will help you to know what a west highland white terrier looks like then here’s a pic of one:http://www.pupcity.com/images/adpics/072…

Which Dog Fits Best In A Prominent Family Household Of 6: West Highland White Terrier -or- Toy Poodle?

No offense but does being a “prominent family” mean you have to have a certain type of dog that is “acceptable” to your friends and acquaintances?
It should be what breed of dog best fits your lifestyle and activities. If it is going to be a “see what kind of dog I own” thing, please do not get a dog. They are not commodities or the latest fad. Just because Paris Hilton (or whoever) has a (fill in the breed)___________ dog, doesn’t make it the “thing” to have. Dogs are a lifetime responsibility. Are you prepared for a 10 to 15 year commitment? Vet bills, grooming, boarding if you go out of town? Please do the research on whatever breed you might get to see if the dog matches what you want in a pet/companion.

What Is The Best Way To Potty Train My Westie?

I am having a hard time potty training my Westie pup. We try to take him out every half and hour but it seems as though he goes outside and then comes in and pees on the carpet 10 mins later. There is no way he has to go that much! We are working on other commands right now so he doesn’t really come to us very well. It’s hard to have him walk to the door to go out. I usually pick him up and carry him outside. I think this may be hurting his learning.
Does anyone have any advice on how to house break my pup sooner?

Whats The Best Way To Train A Westie Puppy?

The first two links is all you need to clicker train, a positive style of training that I use and love, The third link is all you need to learn to train using corrections. A negative style of training that I don’t think works as well. They are both excellent sites. What you decide to use really depends on your personality and patience. http://www.clickersolutions.com/articles… http://www.dragonflyllama.com/%20DOGS/Le…http://www.leerburg.com/articles.htm

What Is A The Best Sized Crate For A Westie?

Im buying a Westie pup and Im gonna crate train him. I really dont wanna buy two crates, one now and one later, so what sized crate would suffice for a full grown Westie?
I know that i can block off part of the crate until he grows to his full size, but im not certain of what size to get.

What Is The Best Way For Me To Train My Westie Puppy?

At one point he was doing good. He would run to the newspaper when he needed to use the bathroom and when I took him outside he would use the bathroom. Now he still you the bathroom when I take him outside but, now he pees on the floor instead of the newspaper. Then one time he used the bathroom right beside the newspaper. What do I do?