Question About Training A White West Highland Terrier, Approx 4 Months Old, & Weighs Approx 5-8 Pounds.?

Before I put her in her crate for the night, or if I will be out for a few hours, I always take her outside to do her business, & for the most part she is OK in the crate & will not have any accidents.
However, sometimes she does, & I know this is normal since she is a puppy & all – but my question is this – Sometimes I see her eating her Accidents! How do I make her stop!
I do leave water in her crate, a small amount but just enough to either last through the night or while I am away. I do not leave any food in her cage, I do feed her every morning & put out a little more than 1/2 cup of food with her water. I do spoil her with treats throughout the day, like when I take her out to reward her for going outside & such, but every once in a while I see when she has had an accident in her cage, & I have come home to catch her eating it!
Is this bad for her? How do I stop this

West Highland White Terriers? Look Here If You Know Anything About Them Please.?

So i’m thinking about getting a west highland white terrier. While looking through pictures it seems like there’s a slight difference between some of the pictures I’ve found. One looks a bit larger and more like a run around play dog. The other looks like an inside dog who stays inside. Here are the links to the pictures.…
^ run around play dog…
^ stay inside pampered dog
I was just wondering if there’s a slight difference in the breeding, grooming, or just looks. Thanks in advance and if I confused anyone..please let me know 🙂

How Should I Go About Finding A Breeder Of West Highland White Terriers, In Scotland?

Either through word of mouth – ask owners of the breed where they got their dog from and if they were happy everything and feel free to ask questions that you feel are important – are the puppies homereared etc? The most reliable place to get a list of reliable breeders would probably be through the Kennel Club

Should I Be Concerned About My West Highland White Terrier’s Behavior Towards My Sister?

He is 7 months old. He has no problems with me, my mom or my dad. I would say that mom and dad do the bulk of taking care of him. I do my fair share. He is extremely loving with me and my mom and dad but with my sister, he growls at her quite often and “snapped” at her today for trying to move him over from the couch where she was.
He is a male. My sister is 17 so it is not like she is a child either. She plays with him every so often but I don’t think she has ever taken him out on walks and stuff. I get the feeling that he either does not respect her as much or does not trust her.
Regardless, I do not want him snapping or growling like that at anyone. I am particularily concerned if strangers or little kids come to my house. How can I make sure that this does not happen with my sister again?

Question About My West Highland White Terrier?

I have a westie, and his name is Kota. He is three years old, and 25 pounds. I was wondering if this weight was normal? There is also another problem with him. He pees around the house. He is perfectly potty-trained, and we always let him out before we leave for long periods of time, like when my mom goes to work and my sister and I go to school. Lastly, if he drinks too much water too fast, he’ll cough and almost sound like he’s choking. Is he just getting too excited and swallowing it down the wrong pipe?
Other than these issues, Kota is a very good dog. He loves his family, especially me, and is extremely playful He loves to play in the snow in the winter and the fresh cut grass in the summer, and has no allergies. I’m just a bit worried about him, is all. If you could answer my three questions, I would feel MUCH better.

What Can I Do About My Dog Being So Stupid?

No offense, but I am completely fed up with my 3 month old Westie male. We do everything we can to get the thing housebroken, have invested in expensive training lessons, and he does nothing but poop or pee inside or in the cage! I am fixing to sell him and get a smarter dog. There is another westie in my training class the same age, already housebroken. A weimaraner the same age also already housebroken. He is obstinate, never listens. Are westies just bad dogs?

Can You Tell Me About West Highland Terriers?

I am getting a boy westie puppy in one month and i have some questions…
are they hard to train??
do they require tons of grooming??
what health problems is the breed prone to?
and ive decided to name him Hemi…. like the that a good name for a boy??

About How Big Do West Highland White Terriers Get?

i want a west highland white terrier but i need to know how big it will get . PLZ HELP ME AND ANSWER THIS 😛

I’m Thinking About Adopting A Three Legged White West Highland Terrier From The Humane Society?

So I went to the Humane Society yesterday and I was browsing around and met some small dogs that I was interested in. basically Chihuahuas. However, there was a dog that was in the same kennel as the chihuahua. a mixed terrier; i think it was a white West Highland Terrier Mix. anyway, I asked about the dog. He is 1 year old, got hit by a car, and lost his back leg, meaning he only has three legs now. After hearing his story, I was soooooo saddened. So now I’m home and
I’m thinking about adopting a three legged white West Highland Terrier from the Humane Society. He seemed really sweet when I came over to look at him in his kennel. I was wondering, is there anything three legged dogs can’t do? I am really serious about adopting it, but I need to know what I’m getting into first.
A little about me:1st time pet owner (never had pets before), have been doing tons of research about regular dogs (but beginning to research more about 3 legged ones), very ready to give love to a dog in need.

Questions About Westies/canadian Insurance

How does it work do i pay monthly,yearly is the company PetCare good?
If not which one is the best… Just wanna prepare for a westie pup and have most of the info…
And i’m just worried that i won’t know what these stuff when i get the pup and i’m only 13 i gotta care 😀
“I suggest Veterinary Pet Insurance.” Any Info… Fee’s?
1 hour ago…
Help me pic a plan i was thinking of the second one and this is the doggies vet…
6 min drive
& do you think i’ll be able to take care of the westie with my brother, Mom and dad… We’re all very mature.. and anyone know any free westie Training DVD’s that i can burn 120mins Max. Also if anyone knows westie breeders near Rexdale, ON To Brampton or somewhere i can drive too with my parants to get him. Thanks