Earthdog? Any Competitors Here?

I’m very interested competing in the Earthdog trials that I’ve read about since I was so-high (!). However, it seems it may not be as popular or widespread over here (UK) as it is in the USA and other countries. I was wondering if there any UK competitors on here that can guide me to a club or such that doesnt only exist in Scotland or Up North? I’m based in London, although I dont mind travelling, I can’t do 6 hours commuting every Tuesday just for a one hour training session!
If you do compete, regardless of country, how did you get started and what dogs do you use?
I have a Westie who has really taken to Agility and Obedience but since he was a few months old, he has shown fantastic “hunting” (for want of another word!) instincts.

Just Got A White West Highland Terrier…help!?

Seriously havnt a clue what to do with the dog!! Hes 5weeks old! What should i feed him?? How much should i feed him?? How often do i walk him?! Cleaning him??

My Dog Doesn’t Like To Go On Walks…?

I recently adopted a Westie/Maltipoo from my local SPCA. He’s a year and a half & has lived in the shelter his whole life. He’s doing really well– no major behavior problems & pretty good with house training, but he does not like to go on walks!
I’ve been trying to make sure he gets exercise because he has been chewing his paws and I know this can be a sign of a nervous habit. However, he does not like walks. He does okay to sniff around & use the bathroom, but he hates walking with me. He will just stop and lay down when I try to walk with him. I’ve tried treats & calling his name, but he won’t budge. I’ve also tried grass vs pavement. The only time he likes to run around is when he chases me around my apartment. Also, he doesn’t really understand how to play with balls and other toys. How do you teach a dog to play with toys? I’m hoping if he gets better with walks and playing he won’t chew his paws as much. We’re signed up for dog classes in Jan., but we need help now!

Is My Dog Hopeless? Why Is He So Bad Off?

I have tried training, to no avail… my dog didn’t graduate.
He does not listen, poops and pees in his cage (he thinks he has to poop at 3 in the morning, and I’m not waking up for that). He barks constantly, is hyperactive. I play with him, give him exercise, discipline, and affection per Cesar Millan supposed genius dog trainer’s instruction. He still acts this way. Could this be medical? He is 13 months, a Westie.

Puppy Weeing Constantly Indoors!!!?

Hi, any help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
We have a 6 month old Westie puppy, we live in a flat so getting her outside quickly was a problem when toilet training her. We use puppy pads and have gradually managed to get her from various parts of the flat to the hallway to wee on these pads. She is very good now and will go to wee on them and she has no problem weeing outside when she poos however she doesn’t associate the two together… She will hold her poo every time until she is walked and if she cant she will whine at the door to tell us! I cant understand why she doesn’t do the same for wees.
We know she can hold both as she is left in the day when we work and she is kept in the kitchen (as we have a kitten too and they are too young to be left alone together) and when we come home she hasn’t done anything and we take her out straight away and she does both!
When we are home in the evening with her she wont tell us she needs to go out for one nor will she just hold it she just wees constantly very little ones about every 30mins!! Is there anyway we can cure this?
We have tried taking the pads away and she just wees on the carpet, we use praise and treats so much when she is outside. Im worried she should be fully outside at her age? We also need it sorting soon as the kitten being a typical cat tries to clean up after the puppy when she wees… she will go to the pad and start actioning as if she is moving litter around but of course this just rips up the pad and sometimes ends up with a wee smelling kitten!
Sorry for the long post, I wanted to explain all I could.

How Should I Go About Finding A Breeder Of West Highland White Terriers, In Scotland?

Either through word of mouth – ask owners of the breed where they got their dog from and if they were happy everything and feel free to ask questions that you feel are important – are the puppies homereared etc? The most reliable place to get a list of reliable breeders would probably be through the Kennel Club

How Can I Get My Dog Back From My Sister In Law, She Is Just Watching Him?

I bought a westie puppy for my husband and recently he went crazy and ran off, so I was stuck with the not housetrained puppy. His sister offered to train him for me and watch him, so I obliged. He has been at her house over a month and she has not said anything about giving him back, but she and her husband have been adamant that they do not want to keep him because they dont like terriers. I told her that I dont want to give him to them, because he is my husband’s and I paid alot of $$$ for him. Since she has had him she has neglected his vet care (but didnt ask me to come get him until yesterday), changed his dog food to something very, very bad.
My husband paid 100 for dog training and she didnt take him when I told her it was, and she the trainer offered to retrain him and she told her “no thank you, dont have time” without notifying me first (so $$ down the drain). I have hinted that I really miss the dog, but she has not given him back yet. What do I do?!

Do West Highland White Terriers Shed And Are They Hypoallergenic?

Yes they are double coated so they shed a bit. Usually not hypo due to the fact the majority are prone to serious skin issues & allergies. If you buy one do plenty of research on the breed & investigate the breeder & be certain allergies & bad skin are not in the lineage of either dog.

Should I Get Rid Of My Dog?

My 5 year old wirehaired dachshund has kept me up at night with his incessant barking, for the absolute last time. He escapes out of the back yard (cant chain him up, he breaks the sprinkler heads) and runs wild all over the neighborhood with his leash still attached. He barked all night and still all morning. He has begun pooping large, loose piles on my carpet. We got a puppy a few months ago (a westie) and they get along ok, but he started this. I cannot stand him any longer and he was my pride and joy… but I cannot afford to get him training and I’m sure they can’t train him for the barking. I have a bark collar, but if I cant catch him to put it on it does me no good.

West Highland Terrier And Food?

I have a four month old West Highland White Terrier. I feed him Wellness Mix 5 Puppy Formula. The vet said that he should be eating about 1 cup per day at this point in his growth process.
I have been trying to feed him that amount. But he is flat out refusing to eat it. He only eats about 1/2 cup per because he is “hungry” but after that he walks away from it. He has nothing medically wrong with him, he passed his physical, blood tests, and has had all shots.
If I feed him 1 can of wet food it is gone. He loves it.
I tried mixing it and (wet/dry) and he just eats around the dry.
My only clarifications are….
1) He is teething and its hard for him to chew, although he will chew his rawhide “denta bone”.
2) There is something wrong with the food. Bad taste. Manufacturing defect. Something like that.
3) He is “bored” with the food. I know that is humanizing him too much, but I just want him to eat.
I know that it is not good to feed ONLY wet food because its not good for their teeth. BUT if I decided that is the best route for him to be able to eat food, what can I do to protect his oral health.
I was thinking of trying Halo, Nutro puppy formulas too.
Help and feedback needed.
He also plays/runs for 3-4 hours per day. So he should be really hungry.
He also favors water. He would drink 300 gallons per day If he could. Again, no concern to either vet he’s been to.